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We've launched our new API reference documentation for Oracle Eloqua at a new location in a new format. Our API reference documentation can now be found at this location:


This will be our newest resource for documenting API endpoints which currently includes the following APIs:

  • REST 1.0
  • REST 2.0
  • Bulk 2.0

The Eloqua AppCloud 1.0 API endpoints will be migrated for the Oracle Eloqua 483 release. The documentation for these endpoints can still be found in the Eloqua Developer Help Center.

What's Changing?

We will have two locations for developer documentation.

  • The Oracle Eloqua Developer Help center will continue to be the resource for the AppCloud Development Framework, developer tutorials, and FAQs.
  • The new API documentation site is our newest resource for all endpoints.


The Oracle Eloqua Developer Help Center will continue to host developer tutorials such as how to filter in the Bulk API, but the API reference site will include information on the actual endpoints within the Bulk API (accounts for example).

Why was this change made?

This change was made to produce human-readable REST API documentation with a standard look and feel across Oracle.

Next Steps for Developers

We are now supporting a number of new endpoints which are currently documented in our new site. Along with newly supported endpoints, more detail was added for existing endpoints (Bulk API syncActions for example).

Bookmark the new site and let us know if you have any feedback on our initial launch. As always, monitor Code It for any new announcements regarding newly supported endpoints.

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