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Oracle Eloqua Developer Release Notes - 20A

Lou PatrickLou Patrick Posts: 185 Gold Badge
edited February 2020 in Developer Tools

A list of developer-facing new features, significant recent changes, and platform notices for Oracle Eloqua release 20A.

New features

Application API

  • accountId will now be returned at complete depth when retrieving, creating, or updating Contacts using the Application API when the Contact is linked to an Account. For more information, see the product notice.

Bulk API

  • You can now set the status for all records in an execution using just the execution ID. The new updateAll parameter determines what status to set records in an execution, when creating a contact or custom object sync action definition.

Recent changes

Application API

  • As part of the Classic Design Editor changes, the Create a form Application API Form endpoints will not allow you to create classic design editor forms and Update a form Application API endpoints will not allow changing a form from responsive to classic. Review the Product Notice for further information and schedule changes.

Bulk API

  • Resolved an issue where it was possible to create export definitions with a dataRetentionDuration of null, resulting in data being deleted sooner than intended. Now, dataRetentionDuration can no longer be set to null, and the default duration will continue to be 12 hours (ie. PT12H).

Additional information

For additional information and examples, refer to the Oracle Eloqua Developer Changelog.

To learn more about recent and upcoming Oracle Eloqua release rollouts, including rollout dates, user-facing features, and product notices, visit the Oracle Eloqua Release Center.


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