Build and Test - Key Things to Know

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Build App

  • It is the responsibility of the developers to go through the documentation and quick developer guide thoroughly. This is important because the developer support is limited in the Beta phase.
  • In order to know and understand about the REST APIs of the products (like Responsys and Eloqua), developers should refer to the public documentation available. The same is also available under Code It on Topliners.
  • The infrastructure related to hosting the app is the responsibility of the developer/partner.
  • Developer support is "limited" in the Beta phase and is through the CX Apps Insiders group.
  • Developers should make optimal use of the Topliners community to get faster responses to their queries either from Oracle CX Apps team or from the other similar developers who are developing apps on the CX Apps platform.

Test App

  • End to end functional testing of the app should be performed using the Sandbox account.
  • IMPORTANT - The app need not be installed on the Sandbox account for testing and when the publication status of the app is "Development". The developer can simply perform a provider level whitelisting of the Responsys tenant/account ID for testing the app.
  • Along with the functional testing of the app, the developers should also perform the load/performance testing of the app and the services.
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