How to have notifications sent directly to your email Inbox

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NOTE: For members that joined prior to 2014 you will have a custom activity stream already configured called Email Watches and all you need to do is click to follow the item (Group, Space, Blog, Thread or Person) and select the Email Watches Activity Stream to have any updates and notifications surrounding that particular item to go into your Email Inbox.

For members that joined after 2014 you will need to create a Custom Activity Stream and turn the email notifications on for that stream.

To create a Custom Activity Stream:

1.  Click the Activity link in the upper right corner

Activity Link.jpg

2.  Click the +New Stream option from the Activity Page (note this screenshot contains multiple custom streams)

New Stream.jpg

3.  Configure the Custom Stream, giving it a name and turning the Email Notifications on - simply click the Off and the toggle will switch to On

Custom Stream Configuration.jpg

4.  Now you are all set to follow items directly into your email inbox.  Just go to the Blog, Space, Group, Person, Thread or Document and click the Follow or Following link and select the new custom stream you created:

Follow In.jpg

To verify your Settings for email notifications go to https://community.oracle.com/user-preferences!input.jspa and you can see what Streams and Notifications you have set to send to your Email Inbox.

Email Preferences.jpg

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