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In the Experience Economy, the customer is the innovator, not the enterprise. Technology lets customers create very personalized experiences. As people become more comfortable and facile with technology, they will create new ways of managing their daily lives and online experiences. And they will expect that kind of flexibility from every company they do business with.

Watch the replays of these webinars to better understand how to maximise your investment of CX technology in order to enable your enterprise for the Experience Economy.

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Strategies and Tactics to Optimize Programs with Oracle Responsys

Product focus: Oracle Responsys

CX leaders deliver next-level experiences by creating individualized marketing campaigns at scale. Oracle has invested heavily in recent years to make campaign orchestration more accessible for non-technical marketers. Updates such as Send Time Optimization and Program Summary View improve customer engagement and eliminate opportunities for error while simplifying your workflow. Join us for this session to learn how to get the most out of your Program orchestrations.

Presenters : Navin Boddu, Principal Product Manager, Oracle Responsys, and Sterling Shew, Principal Product Manager, Oracle Responsys

(Original Air Date: Tuesday, April 16 2020)

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Five Segmentation Secrets Unlocked in Responsys by CX Audience

Product focus: Oracle Responsys and CX Audience

Listen to this on demand webcast to see how CX Audience can augment your segmentation strategy within Responsys by providing you with new tools to hyper-personalize your campaigns. In this session, you will learn about our waterfalling, data enrichment, and machine learning capabilities, as well as some of our advanced analytics available to help you make real-time decisions.

Presenter: Jaekob Chenina, Principal Product Manager, Oracle CX

(Original Air Date: Tuesday, April 7 2020)

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Spring Cleaning Your Eloqua House

Product focus: Oracle Eloqua

Is your Eloqua database giving you heartburn? Are you concerned about outdated, incomplete, or untrusted data? Whether you’re dealing with a little dust or a lot of garbage, join us for actionable tactics you can implement to keep your Eloqua house (of data) clean and tidy. Remember a clean house = better personalization, higher conversions, and better optimized marketing.

Presenter: Tracy Traeger, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Eloqua

(Original Air Date: Mar 31, 2020)

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Using Oracle Eloqua & Oracle Infinity for Real-Time Marketing Orchestration

Product focus: Oracle Eloqua

In today’s digital world, marketers have an opportunity to respond more quickly to customer signals than ever before, whether trying to change the customer experience while they are still engaged on your site or app, or through timely, targeted re-marketing campaigns. Oracle Infinity leverages a unified behavioral data pipeline to deliver relevant data and triggers to marketing orchestration systems, including Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Infinity. In this session, learn how Eloqua and Infinity can leverage data in motion to turbo-charge your personalization campaigns.

Presenters: Chris Campbell, Senior Group Product Manager, Oracle Eloqua

(Original Air Date: Wednesday, February 26 2020)

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Leverage Real-Time Data to Supercharge Your Customer Experience

Leverage Real-Time Data to Supercharge Your Customer Experience

Product focus: Oracle Maxymiser

Join the Oracle Maxymiser Product Team as we take a deep dive into the all new capabilities powered by Oracle Infinity Streams.

Learn how to unlock powerful new use cases in Maxymiser by leveraging Infinity Streams. Plus, see what else we’re planning for 2020.

o Gain visual insights with Heatmaps

o Deliver hyper-personalization at scale

o Learn more about the unique capabilities of Infinity Streams

o See what’s coming in 2020

Register today for this exciting conversation.

Presenters: Taz Khela and Ed Swain

(Original Air Date : Wednesday, February 26 2020)

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Marketing Metrics that Matter: KPIs to move your business

Product focus: Oracle Responsys / Oracle Eloqua / Oracle Maxymiser

Listen to this On-Demand webcast to learn about best practices for industry-leading KPI marketing strategies:
  • Identify your own KPI map from campaign KPIs to marketing KPIs to business KPIs
  • Learn how businesses have used this methodology to rethink their approach to reporting and gain a true appreciation of the effectiveness or their marketing execution
  • See how we are redefining marketing performance visualisation for customers and putting those KPIs into action to change businesses

(Original air date: 8 January, 2020)

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Content that Matters: Micro-moments and content design

Product focus: Oracle Responsys / Oracle Eloqua / Oracle Maxymiser

Learn how to create an engaging content strategy driven by micro-moments and creative content design.

  • Learn about the concept of micro-moments and how to apply these to a content strategy
  • Explore modern best practice in creative concept design and how to apply that to multiple channels
  • Discuss the process behind achieving real-time responsive content aligned to customer need states in a scalable way for your business
  • Understand how to manage content and triggered campaigns in a multi-channel environment using your Oracle Marketing technologies

(Original air date: 4 December, 2019)

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Oracle's New AI Voice for the Enterprise

The Oracle Digital Assistant team has been busy delivering AI powered conversations for its customers. Join Suhas Uliyar, Oracle VP, Digital Assistant, to learn what’s new, including Oracle’s recent acquisition in voice AI technology that will help Oracle continue to set the pace ahead of the competition.

  • Learn about Oracle’s latest acquisition in voice AI technology
  • Catch up on what’s new and what is ahead
  • AI powered demos on why Oracle is your top choice for the enterprise

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Tomorrow Talk: What Key Steps Does Marketing Play for Innovation?

Watch this talk to discover how the culture of innovation influences growth within businesses, and how it reshapes the role of Marketing in driving growth within organisations.

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Tomorrow Talk: Understand the Role of Marketing in Setting the Innovation Agenda

Watch this talk to discover how marketing can measure growth, overcome barriers to innovation, and enable innovation to take place. Setting the right KPIs helps measure growth, and marketing can set and deliver the innovation agenda.

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Modern B2B Marketing - What is the Next Era of Marketing Automation?

The value of implementing a Marketing Automation platform is well established. However due the overwhelming volume of content, the Engagement strategies that worked just 2 years ago are now no longer driving the same results. Join us on this Webinar to see how advances in Customer Experience technology will help increase your conversions.

Topics covered include

  • Leveraging data and intelligence to improve conversion at every stage of your customers journey with your brand
  • Live demo on how a Marketing Automation Platform helps improve efficiency and drives ongoing engagement
  • How to leverage your Marketing Automation Platform to optimize every interaction regardless of the channel

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Discover the 'Fuel' for Real-Time, Data-Driven Marketing

They say that data is the new oil. The interactions data that your customers leave on your digital channels is valuable if it’s easily employed to enhance their experience. The closer you get to activating that data in real-time, the more “in moment” you are with your customers, across all touch points and you will be able to automate beyond the inbox.

Yet, most traditional technologies for collecting web data output data inflexibly, requiring effort and processing before the data is usable. At best, the data is hours old before you can use it, by which time your customer has moved on, the moment is lost.

Oracle Infinity is the next-generation web data processing engine. As your customers interact with digital properties, Infinity collects, processes and streams visitor-level session data, all in real-time.

These streams connect your digital channels with your execution channels across marketing, CRM, customer services, extending to BI and CDPs.

Business Benefits:

  • Deliver a consistent customer/marketing experience on the freshest data
  • Maximise revenue opportunities for every customer interaction by being “in moment”
  • Create richer customer profiles for better re-marketing

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Effortless Interactions - How Chatbots and Digital Assistants are changing CX

Customer experience today is about real time, personalised moments facilitated by effortless interactions in the channel and context of choice. In this new paradigm conversational interfaces has entered the stage to stay. Gartner has predicted that conversational AI will be the top technology trend for many years to come.

What are the trending use cases? What are the drivers for success? How can conversational interfaces facilitate the dialogue with the customers and inspire new business models?

In this webinar we will hear Mathias Askholm, HK Lab and Asser Smidt, BotSupply discuss the topic of effortless interactions - how chatbot and digital assistants are adding value to customer engagements and also share their own experiences in the domain. The session is moderated by Sara Eklund, Director CX Strategy B2C Oracle

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Real Time Personalisation with Oracle

Creating Moments that Matter: Hyper-Personlisation Fuelled by Real-Time Data Streaming

Product focus: Oracle Maxymiser / Oracle Infinity

To say we live in a data-rich world is an understatement. As marketers, we gather, aggregate and gain insight into our customers' journeys and across multiple touchpoints on a daily basis.However, one of the biggest challenges linked to personalisation is not being able to gain insights into this data quickly enough.

In a world where our customers' move and think in real-time, every second counts. It is more important than ever to detect context, behaviour and determine the next best course of action in real-time… making sure we capture their attention before they move on.

Join us in this webinar and hear us discuss how real-time data streaming can fuel hyper-personalisation and help your brand create moments that matter.

Join this webinar and learn:

  • How real-time data streaming impacts digital marketing
  • How analytics can fuel your personalisation strategy
  • Hyper-personalisation ideas that can help you influence and engage your customers in the moment

(Original air date: 25 September, 2018)

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Send Time Optimisation (STO): Discover how individual send times can drive more response

Product focus: Oracle Responsys customers

Typically when an email campaign is sent everyone receives it at the same time. As marketers fight for a more prevalent spot in the inbox, Send Time Optimisation becomes a key differentiator. STO gives marketers the ability to send an email at the optimal time for each individual customer within their target audience. The result is higher open rates due to the emails appearing closer to the top of customer inboxes when they are the most engaged.

Join this webinar and learn:

  • More about STO and what it involves
  • How STO works and how easy it is in Oracle Responsys
  • Best practice tips
  • The results from customers that have implemented STO

(Original air date: 20 July, 2018)

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Beauty Versus the Beast: Data-Driven Email Design

Product focus: Oracle Responsys customers

You don’t have to compromise on your design in order to send a relevant and data driven email.

Data is no longer about driving content, it can also be used to drive the design of your email, so that content is shown in the best possible way to your different audiences.

Join this webinar as we uncover design techniques, best practices and client use cases which keep your designers happy and make your emails even more successful.

During the session, you will learn:

  • Design techniques to keep up with the evolution of email.
  • Where to begin. Processes and tools you need to achieve success.
  • How you deliver. How you can use your data to drive relevant content.
  • How Joules evolved their email marketing to stay fresh, stay relevant and stay ahead of their competition.

(Original air date: 28 June, 2017)

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Analytics Maturity

Product focus: Oracle Marketing Cloud customers

How to drive success in your marketing efforts by increasing your analytics maturity.
In this webinar, you will learn how moving along the analytics maturity curve provides the key to digital marketing success.During this session you will also learn how to:

  • Enhance the information given to key decision makers in the business
  • Use the correct process for the data you have, to allow you to quickly improve your analytics maturity
  • Gain access to more tools to increase revenue

(Original air date: 19 April, 2017)

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Email Marketing Dream Team.png

Your Email Marketing Dream Team

Product focus: Oracle Marketing Cloud customers

Understand what the email marketing dream team of today should look like and the key skills needed for success.

In this webinar, we  discuss how to develop and nurture the right people and the right skills to ensure email marketing is delivering what is expected from it.This session will focus on three things you can do for your team to get the most from them:

  • Nurture the team you have now - and how you can make the most of them
  • Fill in the gaps where you can get help now, and when to hire
  • Scale and grow: how to build you team to support business growth

(Original air date: 5 April, 2017)

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Planning for Success.png

Excellence is a Continuous Process

Product focus: Oracle Marketing Cloud customers

Review why processes are not "nice to haves" but a strategic imperative in today's digital world.In this webinar, we will discuss what processes need to be in place to deliver an effective cross-channel digital marketing programme.

During this session you will also learn about:

  • Planning, delivery and analytics
  • How to implement cross-channel plans when other teams are involved
  • Communication plans

(Original air date: 1 March, 2017)

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Planning for Success

Product focus: Oracle Marketing Cloud customers

A guide to planning a successful digital marketing programme.

In this webinar, you will learn how to plan a successful digital marketing programme, including why you should plan and how early you should start.

During this session you will also learn about:

  • Creating roadmaps and measureable objectives
  • Identifying and influencing cross-channel opportunities
  • Ideas and inspiration of successful programmes across industries

(Original air date: 22 February, 2017)

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Optimising workflows, data and campaigns with Eloqua Apps

Product focus: Oracle Eloqua customers

How to use Apps to drive efficiencies and improve your customer’s experience.

In this webinar, you will learn how to optimise workflows, data and campaigns with Eloqua Apps.

During this session you will gain insight around:

  • An introduction and overview of Eloqua Apps
  • Creative and inspiring Use Cases
  • Customer Stories: Solving real problems using Apps

(Original air date: 11 January 2017, 2016)

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Web Behaviour.png

Making the Most of Web Behaviour in Email

Product focus: Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Responsys customers

How to utilise data to increase revenue and customer engagement.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to get behaviour data and make it actionable.
  • The top four use cases.
  • Creative ideas.
  • How to plan their web behaviour based projects with the help of a workbook.

(Original air date: 27 July, 2016)

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Lead scoring configuration.png

A Simple Guide to Lead Scoring Configuration

Product focus: Oracle Eloqua customers

An easy-to-follow approach to developing, configuring and managing lead scoring in Oracle Eloqua.

Learn the fundamentals of how lead scoring works and the mechanisms required for activating a lead scoring program in Oracle Eloqua.

Key takeaways:

  • See how to configure a lead scoring program in Oracle Eloqua.
  • Learn how lead scoring aligns with the sales funnel.
  • Understand how profile and engagement criteria define your ideal lead.

(Original air date: 6 July, 2016)

EMEA version:

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APAC Version:

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Deliver Content in Context.jpg

Deliver Content in Context

Product focus: Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Responsys and Oracle Content Marketing customers

Engage audiences across all channels. Streamline your content creation process and effectively engage audiences across all channels.

Key takeaways:

  • Measure content performance across channels.
  • Engage and convert your customers by delivering them the right content, at the right time.
  • Eliminate content silos; making content easily accessible and scalable.
  • Improve efficiencies and cost implications of redundant and duplicate content.

(Original air date: 13 April, 2016)

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A Guide to Segmentation.png

A Guide to Segmentation

Product focus: Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Responsys customers

An analytical approach to identifying, prioritising, creating and utilising segments

Learn tips and tactics around:

  • Understanding the landscape of available segmentation and opportunities
  • How to apply your segmentation models in a variety of ways
  • Platform capabilities to utilise segmentation

(Original air date: 9 March, 2016)

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Knowing When to Send

Product focus: Oracle Responsys customers

Optimising email sends at the individual level.

Learn tips and tactics around:

  • Leveraging customer data to optimize when to send email
  • Determining the 'best time' to email your customers and using the insight to improve email engagement metrics
  • How 'observed routines' of behavior can reveal valuable patterns to marketers
  • How higher subscriber engagement has a positive impact on deliverability.

(Original air date: 20 January, 2016)

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quality vs quantity.png

Quality over Quantity

Product focus: Oracle Responsys and Oracle Eloqua customers

Email list growth strategies to acquire and nurture more of your best profiling customers

Learn tips and tactics around:

  • Identifying where you can acquire your most valuable, most engaged opt-ins and how to get more
  • The importance of cross-channel permission capture
  • Early life stage nurture strategies and how to vary content by action and acquisition source
  • How to set the best possible foundations for a long-term customer relationship

(Original air date: 14 October, 2015)

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Keep Calm and Deliver On

Product focus: Oracle Responsys and Oracle Eloqua customers

How to tackle today's email deliverability challenges

Key takeaways:

  • Understand how an ISP views you, and influences the destiny of your email sends
  • Identify the common pitfalls faced by email marketers
  • Learn the key strategies you can implement to ensure that your email sending plan is ISP friendly
  • See how you can maintain great, consistent reputation with ISPs, today and in the future

Now is not the time to panic, but to keep calm and ensure continued deliverability success.

(Original air date: 10 June, 2015)

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Out of the Box Programs with Responsys Interact

Product focus: Oracle Responsys customers

This session focuses on out of the box programs that are immediately possible with Responsys Interact.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to engage with your customers using out of the box programs
  • Develop ideas of programs you can implement today
  • Hear how leading companies are using out of the box programs

(Original air date: 25 March, 2015)

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