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Oracle Eloqua: Moving Contacts in an Active Campaign

Reenu VasnaniReenu Vasnani Posts: 70
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We all experience Activation Anxiety at times. Pushing communications out to our target audiences can be nerve-wracking. Once you overcome the initial anxiety you revisit your Active Campaign Canvas and notice that some Campaign Members are not progressing through the workflow. They appear to be "stuck." Find out some of the reasons why and what to do about it.


This 5-minute OnDemand Course examines different ways to increase your efficiency when you need to move Contacts quickly through a Campaign, even if the Campaign is Active.


Learn More from Oracle University

This Course is included with the Oracle CX Marketing Learning Subscriptions from Oracle University. Subscribers can view this Course anytime within their subscription. If you're not yet a subscriber, take a few moments to learn more about available Oracle CX Marketing Learning Subscriptions and other Oracle University training options. If you have questions, talk to your account manager, email the education team, or submit a service request.

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  • Love this! I move contacts every month in my newsletter campaign, but it's always a challenge to explain how / why. This is a great overview.

  • The first time @Jenna Loos showed me I could even DO that (move contacts) it blew my Eloqua circuits! And was awesome. Thanks for the quickcast as I've been telling other people but get some blank looks; now I have a place to direct them : )

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