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Modern Marketing: Leadership Metrics

Toni Tzenova-OracleToni Tzenova-Oracle Posts: 91 Employee
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The biggest challenge marketers face is a lack of clarity on how their department influences the company’s bottom line. This is because they mostly focus on campaign performance data, which is not tied to ROI. Marketers need to focus instead on data points essential to budget planning, such as:

  • Number of leads generated
  • Number of leads dropping out mid-sales cycle
  • Reason codes for dropped or rejected leads
  • How close the leads are to purchase
  • How much revenue Marketing generates


In one hour, the Modern Marketing: Leadership Metrics OnDemand Course explains Marketing’s accountability and contribution to a company’s revenue growth by focusing on the metrics that help drive revenue. This e-learning describes the Integrated Sales and Marketing Funnel and its various stages. It explains how you can build segments in Eloqua to track the Marketing stages of the funnel: Suspects, Prospects, and  Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). You also learn how to date stamp MQLs in order to maintain lead quality.


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This Course is included with the Oracle CX Marketing Learning Subscriptions from Oracle University. Subscribers can view this Course anytime within their subscription. If you're not yet a subscriber, take a few moments to learn more about available Oracle CX Marketing Learning Subscriptions and other Oracle University training options. If you have questions, talk to your account manager, email us at [email protected], or submit a service request.

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