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Oracle DMP (BlueKai): Taxonomy Management

Toni Tzenova-OracleToni Tzenova-Oracle Posts: 91 Employee
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Are you a do-it-yourself type of person? Would you rather take matters into your own hands than rely on other people? If so, then Taxonomy Manager is for you!

A DMP client’s data taxonomy is perhaps the most critical component of the Oracle Data Management Platform, as it organizes clients’ first-party and second-party data, as well as the entire third-party data marketplace. When it comes to first-party data classification, it can be done either by utilizing the Oracle DMP's taxonomist's services or by utilizing the Taxonomy Manager.

In this OnDemand course, you learn all about the Taxonomy Manager and how to utilize it to ingest, organize, and control your first-party data. This course covers how to identify opportunities for creating first-party data categories independently, to create classification categories for your first-party data taxonomy, and to develop classification rules to map data events to your classification categories. In this course, you watch demonstrations, perform classification via a simulated BlueKai platform, and configure settings in the Taxonomy Manager.


This course is intended for data management platform users who are already familiar with the Oracle Data Management Platform, or have completed the Oracle DMP: Introduction to Oracle DMP course.

Note that the Oracle DMP: Taxonomy Management course has replaced the Oracle DMP: Self-Classification Tools course owing to the deprecation of the self-classification category and rule tool.


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