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Attendance Policy for Full-Day and Multi-Day ILT Courses

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Beginning in 2017, many B2B training sessions were combined into full-day or multi-day courses that present related education in a focused period. This change is described in the following post: .

B2B_education.pngIn this transition, course attendees will include 1) students who intend to complete all portions of the course and 2) students who choose to attend only certain portions of a course, due to past progress or personal interest in a particular topic(s).

For example, students who are continuing their training progress from 2016 may need to complete only portions of the longer, combined courses. In addition, any student renewing the B2B Luminary title will need to complete only the Luminary bridge topics. Students not pursuing an accreditation and choosing course topics of interest or as needed may also choose to attend only portions of a full course.

In these cases, instructors can allow students to attend select course topics, provided that the guidelines below are followed. These guidelines will be strictly enforced by instructors beginning March 1, 2017.

Please note: The education pass allows for one-time attendance per 12 months in each available instructor-led course, regardless of whether a student attends all or part of a scheduled course,  Please refer to our Terms & Conditions where this policy is described.

Attendance Guidelines 

  1. Joining a session. Enrolled students may join a WebEx session from 10 minutes prior to the start of the course up to 10 minutes after the listed start time of the course.
  2. Policy on joining late.  After 10 minutes of the course start time, late joiners will not be permitted to join the session. At this time, the instructor will lock the WebEx room and enrolled students not in attendance will be marked as 'No Show.' The No Show policy will apply and students will need to re-enroll for a later session. Any questions about attendance should be directed to the Help Desk. Instructors cannot take time away from a course to address attendance issues during a session.
  3. Attending only part(s) of a full session. Students intending to attend only select portions of the full course must join the session at the start of Day 1 to be marked as attending and to inform the instructor of the select portions they intend to participate in. During the first 10 minutes, the instructor will take attendance, make introductions, review the agenda and provide lab credentials for specific parts of the course. Lab credentials should be noted by all students at this time, as the instructor will not use class time during later sections to provide this information. During these first 10 minutes, students not attending the full course will learn when to re-join to participate in the education they need. By attending any portion of a full-day or multi-day course, a student will receive credit for the entire course in his/her transcript after submitting the evaluation survey.
  4. Re-joining a course in progress. Those students who have checked in at the start of Day 1 may re-join the course at the appropriate time, as noted by the instructor. Simply follow the instructions provided in your course confirmation email to join WebEx. When re-joining the course, please be respectful of other students and the instructor. This includes minimizing interruptions and refraining from asking questions about the topics not attended. Use the chat feature in WebEx to post questions -- the instructor will do his/her best to address chat questions on any topic as time allows or during a designated break.

These guidelines for course attendance will allow instructors to apply the same rules to those attending only portions of the course and those attending the full course. Overall, the goal is to provide the best learning experience for all students.

We appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines.

See you in class!

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