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Modern Marketing: Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

Toni Tzenova-OracleToni Tzenova-Oracle Posts: 91 Employee
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Based on the 2017 Content Marketing Institute Benchmarks Budgets and Trends report, only 32% of organizations have a documented content marketing strategy, yet research consistently shows that when organizations document a strategy, they are more effective in all areas of content marketing. Research has found that marketers who have a documented content marketing strategy see better results from content marketing tactics, social media platforms, and paid methods of content distribution. For many organizations, a documented strategy is also a way to ensure a smooth transition of ownership. If the project owner leaves the company, it is a way for whoever takes over to better understand the processes and strategies that have been put into place.

It has been proven that developing a documented content marketing strategy ensures that an organization will be far more successful in content marketing. However, for many groups, this tactic brings up a number of questions, like, "What is in a documented content marketing strategy?" or "How do I start?" This workshop-style course is meant to unwrap the mystery of a documented content marketing strategy while also providing attendees the opportunity to flesh out a draft documented strategy during the class.


After this class students will:

  • Understand what a documented content marketing strategy is and what key components it typically includes
  • Recognize how best to approach developing of a documented content marketing strategy and what key stakeholders to involve

After this class students will walk away with:

  • A draft outline of a Persona
  • A draft outline of Engagement Stages
  • A draft prioritization of Content Types to focus on
  • A draft category structure
  • A draft list of marketing channels
  • A draft example of a promotion schedule


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