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Summary of 2018 Learning Portal Updates

Gretchen Bulan-OracleGretchen Bulan-Oracle Posts: 196 Employee
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In early 2018, the learning portal will undergo an update in display and functionality for some pages, to help you manage your marketing cloud training account.

Please go to the learning portal and navigate these pages described below to understand how to perform the most used functions in the portal, like enrolling for LVC courses and downloading resources. Feel free to send questions about navigation to the Help Desk at any time.

Following is a summary of the main changes that will become effective in early 2018. This post will be updated with additional information as any new features are added.

Home Page: My Learning Plans

My Learning Plans > Assigned

Learning plans are now updated for 2018 courses and contain 2018 exams (excluding Luminary, expected in March).

** Learning plans are the ‘Go To’ lists in the portal to see the course requirements and exams for accreditations. **

If you're working toward accreditation, refer to the details of your platform's available accreditations to plan your education path to achievement.

Home Page: Training Catalog

Training Catalog > Find Training

  • Training Schedule/Catalog: The naming of this area changes to Training Catalog in order to indicate both the LVC schedule/enrollment and Digital courses are available here.
    • Enroll for LVC courses here and view web-based courses
    • Choose how you want to take a course and then go the the list of courses available in that format -- either Live Virtual Courses or Digital Courses.
    • This page now features an information carousel to provide links to office hours sign up and other news, like accreditation information and announcements (Coming soon).
    • Courses previously indicated as ‘Supplementary’ courses in the learning portal (not required for any accreditation) will be listed in the Training Catalog, using the course categories that better represent the course lists in Topliners                                                                                                                                             

Training Catalog Options

Training Catalog 2-6-18.png

  • Important note: The Modern Marketing Best Practices (MM)  courses will be listed in multiple areas in the learning portal. In the My Learning Plans view and in each platform Training Catalog view, a list of platform-related Best Practices courses will be shown.
    • Students also have access to the entire library of Modern Marketing Best Practices courses. This list can be viewed in the Training Catalog -- a Modern Marketing menu option will appear in the top navigation (coming soon).

Home Page: Learning Library

Learning Library > See More

  • This area includes resources for download and use, including Student Guides and Lab Materials. The image below shows the available B2B Student Guides.
  • Available Lab Materials should be downloaded prior to an LVC course as the course instructor will refer to these resources during the session.
  • Coming soon! Exam prep materials will be located in the learning library, including study guides and practice quizzes.

B2B Student Guides example

Learning library 2-6-18.JPG

We encourage students to make the most of their training access, using the education in the learning portal as your tool to reach your training goals.

Feel free to send questions on navigation or about your access to the Help Desk anytime, [email protected].

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