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Oracle Eloqua -- B2B: Insight for Analyzers - Dashboards (1-day course)

Gretchen Bulan-OracleGretchen Bulan-Oracle Posts: 195 Employee
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This course is part of the Analysis tenet in the B2B Luminary program.


In this 1-day course, students will learn how to build and edit dashboards and configure dashboard features such as prompts, variables, and automated scheduled alerts that can be delivered to a specified recipient. Topics included in this course are:

  • Creating and editing dashboards
  • Exploring dashboard object properties and options
  • Publishing dashboard pages
  • Creating personal customizations and page options
  • Embedding content in dashboards
  • Adding dashboard prompts and variables
  • Configuring delivery services and delivery profiles
  • Adding alerts
  • Configuring agents

Objectives for this course include:

  • Distinguish between different types of dashboard objects
  • Build a dashboard
  • After completing this lesson, you should be able to describe and use dashboard content other than analyses
  • Explain the different variable types supported by Oracle BI
  • Describe and build dashboard prompts
  • Configure delivery devices
  • Add delivery profiles
  • Build alerts
  • Create agents
  • Create and use conditions

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is designed for any student interested in learning the skills needed to perform advanced marketing processes with Oracle Eloqua. To ensure full comprehension of the concepts covered in the course, all key tasks discussed in this course are supported with detailed demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

This 1-day course is a requirement to pursue the B2B Luminary accreditation. View full requirements for the B2B Luminary program here.

The following guidelines should be considered before enrolling for this course:

Required training – B2B: Fundamentals Series; B2B: Insight for Analyzers - Analysis; B2B: Insight for Analyzers - Groups

Full day sessions include a 1-hour break during the course as well as shorter breaks throughout.

To learn more about the education presented in the B2B: Insight for Analyzers - Dashboards course, download the attached course Abstract.

In order to enroll in and/or complete Oracle University courses, students must have access to the Oracle University learning portal. A training purchase can be made through the Oracle University Marketing Cloud Education Sales Team. Request more information here or contact the team for information at [email protected].

Education customers can log in to our learning environment to view course offerings and enroll for classes (through the Training Schedule) any time. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions below.

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