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New 2018 B2B: Analysis Training Supports Eloqua Product Update

Gretchen Bulan-OracleGretchen Bulan-Oracle Posts: 195 Employee
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With Oracle Eloqua's refreshed approach to reporting and analytics now available, new education has been developed by Oracle University's Marketing Cloud Education Team to help users navigate the new interface and more easily create custom reports and dashboards.

Analysis2018 2.jpg

These courses, which also represent the B2B Luminary 'bridge' courses for 2018, are now available as live virtual courses (LVC) in the learning portal. OnDemand video versions of these course will be made available in the coming months in the learning portal.

The courses include:

One additional B2B: Analysis course that supports this transition, B2B: Insight for Reporters , is currently available by OnDemand video only in the learning portal, for Education Pass holders. This course covers reporting basics for everyday Eloqua users, focusing on Oracle Eloqua Dashboards and Oracle Eloqua Insight.

How Can I Take the New B2B: Analysis Courses?

Anyone with an active B2B Education Pass can enroll for the B2B: Analysis courses in the learning portal, or view the OnDemand versions of the courses, when available.

The three, one-day courses can also be purchased individually at the per-day cost for Oracle University education, by contacting the education sales team at [email protected].

All courses within the B2B: Analysis tenet category are required to pursue the 2018 B2B Luminary accreditation. View full requirements for the B2B Luminary program here.

How Can I Learn More About this Product Update?

Eloqua's new approach to reporting and analytics introduces an updated reporting interface and new out-of-the-box visual dashboards. Most users gained access to these updates before the end of 2017.

In the transition to the new Insight Reporting area, Eloqua users will have access to Classic Insight only until September 30, 2018. During this time, users are required to rebuild any custom reports and dashboards, as no migration is possible and Classic Insight will become obsolete after September 30, 2018.

Please refer to the following product update from Oracle Eloqua for more information about this transition:

Additional Information

In order to enroll in and/or complete Oracle University courses, students must have access to the Oracle University learning portal. To gain access, a training purchase can be made through the Oracle University Marketing Cloud Education Sales Team. Request more information here or contact the team for information at [email protected].

Education customers can log in to our learning environment to view course offerings and enroll for classes (through the Training Schedule) any time.

We look forward to assisting your team with the education needed in the transition to the new Oracle Eloqua features.

Questions can be directed to our Help Desk at [email protected].

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