Announcement: Education Pass Holders Soon Upgraded to Cloud Learning Subscription Platform

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Oracle University recently developed Cloud Learning Subscriptions for all current Oracle Marketing Cloud platforms -- to align with new capabilities and offer an improved training experience for subscription customers. Beginning in June 2018, all new subscription customers have been provisioned access to the learning subscription platform.

In order to extend the convenience and benefits of this new experience to current students, all active Education Pass holders will gain access to the Cloud Learning Subscription platform for their product(s) in August 2018. This will result in a transition for current students from using the current learning portal for training access to using the new, improved Cloud Learning Subscription platform. Please read below for more information.

Transition Details You Should Know

Please make note of this important information about the transition to the new training platform:

  • If you have an active Education Pass for an Oracle Marketing Cloud product (Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Responsys, Oracle BlueKai, Oracle Maxymiser, Oracle Content Marketing) and use the learning portal to access training, you will receive an email message during the month of August indicating that your Cloud Learning Subscription is active. This message will include a link to your subscription(s), where you can begin to access your upgraded training immediately.
  • This access will apply to students with any type of Education Pass, both LVC+Digital and Digital Only passes. This access will not apply to Enterprise packages, bootcamp access, or private training events.
  • We encourage you to use the new Cloud Learning Subscription exclusively to take training, once you receive notice of access.
  • Training access and functions, including LVC enrollment (if applicable), viewing digital content and taking exams, will be available in the new portal, with a refreshed look, simple navigation and organization. The intuitive interface will help you to quickly find and manage your training..
  • You may still access the current learning portal, if desired, for a short time.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: In early September, the Taleo learning portal at https://oracle.learn.taleo.net/mcacademy will redirect to the Cloud Learning Subscription platform for all Education Passes.

Training Platform Upgrade: Everything You Love About Your Education Pass...And More!

The Cloud Learning Subscription adds better search, new content, and modern tools to help you take advantage of your available education and master the knowledge needed to maximize your organization's investment in modern marketing technology. Check out the many benefits and features of the Cloud Learning Subscription platform you'll soon have access to:

Cloud Learning Subscriptions: Student Benefits
  • Digital content available 24/7 for standard subscription term of 12 months
  • Personalized Progress Dashboard to easily view your training progress, including certifications earned, courses completed and training minutes completed
  • Subscription content continuously updated with new courses, based on new product releases and best practices
  • Education organized by learning path, course, or module, depending on how you choose to learn
  • Helpful filters that allow you to search by content level, program, role, and more
  • Certification and/or accreditation exam opportunities included -- at no additional cost
  • Video transcriptions, with search capability in the transcript to find pertinent topics within video courses
  • Course guides provided for review and study in user-friendly Ekit flipbook format
  • Add courses to 'Favorites' to help plan your training approach
  • Get assistance, when needed, through our dedicated Cloud Learning Subscription support team

Questions? Learn More about the Transition to Cloud Learning Subscriptions

Is the Education Pass being discontinued? Can I still purchase an Education Pass?

The Education Pass is being replaced by the Cloud Learning Subscription for Oracle Marketing Cloud training. However, the new Cloud Learning Subscription provides and same (and more) training and accreditation opportunities as currently provided through the Education Pass, so both current and future students will enjoy the robust course catalog and achievement paths, along with an improved user experience in a new platform.

Can I still access the learning portal to see my training?

For a brief transition period, Education Pass holders can access both their new Cloud Learning Subscription and the learning portal to view and manage their training. In early September, the learning portal will be redirected to the new platform. Once you receive notice of access, we encourage you to use the Cloud Learning Subscription platform exclusively to see your training account.

Can I still enroll for and take LVC courses with a Cloud Learning Subscription?

Yes, if you have an Education Pass that provides LVC+Digital course access, you will be able to enroll for LVC courses through your Cloud Learning Subscription account. Instructions to enroll are simple and will be provided in the subscription and in your notification. The process for joining and attending LVC courses will remain the same.

Will my past course completions and accreditations be shown in my new Cloud Learning Subscription?

Yes, training and accreditations completed in the past 12 months with your Education Pass will be reflected in the Cloud Learning Subscription. This data update will be ongoing and may take additional time from the time of activation to appear in student accounts. Note that your legacy training history remains on file with Oracle University. Transcripts, completions, and accreditation history can be requested through the Help Desk if needed.

I have an Education Pass, but I haven't used it yet. Will I be granted access to the Cloud Learning Subscription?

Yes, if you have been provisioned an Education Pass and you are still within the subscription term, you will be granted access to a Cloud Learning Subscription for your product, until the expiration date of the original Education Pass. If you choose to renew your access, you'll continue training access with the Cloud Learning Subscription.

I have a learning portal account, but not an Education Pass. Can I still access my training account in the learning portal after this transition?

Yes, students with certain types of training access in the learning portal will continue to use our legacy training platform at https://oracle.learn.taleo.net/mcacademy. This includes students with access to an Enterprise training package and students who took training through a private training event, bootcamp, or other custom training arrangement. These students will not be granted a Cloud Learning Subscription at this time, but may access the learning portal for the time period established with the training purchase.

What support is available for training questions or technical questions?

Support for Cloud Learning Subscriptions is provided through Oracle University's support help pages. Information on how to access these pages for common questions will be provided in the notifications sent to students. Oracle University's Topliners group page will still be available for program information, course descriptions, and community participation. In addition, the new subscription offers an 'Ask the Instructor' option prominently displayed on each course page to submit course questions directly to an expert.

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