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Oracle Eloqua: APIs for Modern Marketers

Reenu VasnaniReenu Vasnani Posts: 70
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Just as we communicate with our family members and friends using verbal, non-verbal, and visual modes of communication, we also exchange information with machines like computers and mobile phones using similar modes. In today’s hyper-connected world, machines also talk to each other. This communication between machines allows software developers/users to optimize development efforts and create better experiences.

One must also keep in mind that the key to successful communication is that both parties understand each other. The principles governing communication between humans are complex because of reasons like geography, cultural references, education, etc. However, machines do not have any such complications. When conversing with machines, humans use standard communication protocols like Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Command Line Interface (CLI).

An Application Programming Interface (API) allows one machine to communicate with another machine. In general terms, an API is a set of clearly defined methods of communication that facilitates the exchange of information between various machines.


In the Oracle Eloqua: APIs for Modern Marketers OnDemand Course, we look at how marketers can use APIs to retrieve basic information from the Oracle Eloqua database. The course provides answers to the following questions:

  • What are APIs and how do they benefit developers?
  • Which APIs are utilized by Oracle Eloqua?
  • How are APIs used in Oracle Eloqua?
  • What is the syntax of an Eloqua API?

This 30-minute OnDemand Course based on Eloqua 19B also covers the Eloqua Postman integration procedure. Finally, it also demonstrates three scenarios of running API requests and retrieving information from the Eloqua database.

We would love to receive feedback and suggestions from you. Please leave your comments and suggestions below.


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