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Expert Applied Learning Series

Reenu VasnaniReenu Vasnani Posts: 70
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Here at Oracle University we are always looking for new ways to provide educational value for customers of CX Marketing applications. We do so with sound foundational training for new users, accreditation programs to help Eloquans demonstrate their level of expertise, professional recognition through certifications, release-based learning paths to coincide with the quarterly application releases, and the launch of new advanced and applied learning courses on a monthly basis.

We are excited to announce a new initiative, which involves partnering with marketing experts in the field to capture strategic best practices, tips, and tricks. The first series of courses, in a partnership with 4ThoughtMarketing, will include the following:

  • How to Create a Stop Light Program: Controlling the number of email communications, or the type of email communications, that your customers or prospects receive, can seem challenging, but it is fairly easy to implement. Join Sam Caram, a Marketing Operations Professional from 4ThoughtMarketing, as she demonstrates how to create a Stop Light Program.
  • Using Query Strings to Enhance Marketing Initiatives:  Query strings may seem technically intimidating, but Eloqua makes them easy to use and create! Join Rita Qashat, a Senior Consultant and Campaign Services Manager from 4ThoughtMarketing, as she outlines query strings and examines best cases for use.
  • Using Data Tools to Standardize and Enrich Data: Bad data can cause a variety of problems and impact campaign success. Join Richard Holder, a Marketing Programs Manager from 4ThoughtMarketing, as he discusses the importance of quality data, demonstrates how to correct errors at the source, reviews how the Eloqua Data Tools can support initiatives like standardization of state names, enriching data, and populating new fields.
  • Hidden Gems: Page Tags: Web data is a treasure trove of information just waiting to be mined. Join Linda David, a Senior Consultant and Product Manager from 4ThoughtMarketing, as she outlines some strategic ways to utilize Page Tags in Eloqua.
  • Data Flexibility with Custom Objects: Eloqua Contact Fields are perfect for basic and primary data storage, but when you need to store less specific and more complex data, you need to rely on Custom Objects. Join Tom Saichek, Chief Technology Officer from 4ThoughtMarketing, as he outlines everything you should know and understand about Custom Objects.


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