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Modern Marketing: Designing Effective Emails

Reenu VasnaniReenu Vasnani Posts: 70
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One of the many hats a marketer wears is that of a designer because we know that all of our effort in finding the right audience and painstakingly crafting our message can go to waste if that message is not packaged well. With emails, success is not only derived from what you write, but also from how you present what you write. And so, we need to constantly optimize our emails to find the right combination of colors, fonts, background, placement, layout, and more, for our target audience. What makes it difficult is that as marketers, most of us are not adept at design principles, nor do we have support from design experts, resulting in a lot of guesswork when it comes to the design of the email. This course aims to remove the guesswork and arms you with the tools and best practice tips and knowledge around design principles to help you create more effective emails.

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In this course, we:

  • Discuss the importance of design in email
  • Review the basics of design elements
  • Review best practices for optimum email design, and
  • Explain responsive design for emails

This 80-minute training also provides you with actionable checklists you can download and reference as you start designing marketing emails for your organization.


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