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CX Unity: What is CX Unity?

Toni Tzenova-OracleToni Tzenova-Oracle Posts: 91 Employee
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We now live in an age ruled by data, however, in many cases, the data we collect is untapped. Customers expect a seamless experience that is personalized to their preferences yet even though many companies have access to the data that could not only meet, but exceed these expectations, they are not utilizing it to provide the experience customers require.

CX is the new battlefront for businesses that want to grow and data is the fuel that makes that possible. Join Abbas Makhdum, the Director of Product Marketing for CX, as he provides an overview of CX Unity and elaborates on the key benefits it provides.

CX Unity.png

Benefits to You

  • Examine CX Unity
  • Review the key benefits
  • Compare CX Unity to other CDPs
  • Explore common cases for use


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