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Oracle Eloqua: Exporting Marketing Activities to Your CRM

Nora O'Leary-Roseberry-OracleNora O'Leary-Roseberry-Oracle Posts: 154 Employee
edited April 20 in Social Groups

Marketers want to see their efforts pay off.  They want every email open to be actionable, and every form submission to inform a response from Sales. However, often, those activities stay in Eloqua, and with the marketing team, instead of becoming visible to both teams.

Luckily, it is incredibly easy to export marketing activities to a CRM, and even create an actionable task for the sales team to ensure that customer behavior informs how the organization as a whole responds.

This course will review and define marketing activities, outline the process for exporting Eloqua-generated marketing activities, and demonstrate how to export marketing activities into a CRM, while ensuring that they’re actionable by the Sales team.



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