Where can I find CX Audience documentation?

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The following product documentation is available for CX Audience:

Tips for using the CX Audience Help Center

  • To search for topics: Use the search bar at the top of the CX Audience Help Center home page to find topics. This search bar is found at the top of all pages on the help center. For example, if you enter “waterfall” in the search bar, a list of search results will pop up. Look through the list and click the link that has the most useful information for you.
  • To browse for information: On the home page of the help, there are three main icons: “Get Started”, “Explore", and “Integrate”. These icons open pages with links to help topics. You can also click the navigation menu button at the top left corner to access pages and links. To find more information, click “More”. Here, you can find videos, a site map of Help Center topics, and other helpful resources.
  • To give us feedback: At the bottom of each CX Audience Help Center page is a button that reads “Send feedback on this topic”. If you click the button, an email pop up will appear with the Oracle Marketing Cloud documentation email in the address bar. Send any feedback you have about the CX Audience Help Center to this address, and our Marketing Cloud User Assistance team will use it to improve the site.
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