Hello, Is there a limit to the number of Dynamic Rules you can create in one group?

lkmeyerslkmeyers Posts: 24 Blue Ribbon

Large project, 70 markets with 15 different PDF'S.. Looking to create dynamic content rules to align the PDF with the market but some "groups" have up to 15 locations where I would use the "or" categories. Is there a limit to the "or" AL, or FL, or TN, or, TX,,, etc. I can do a pick list for some of the groups but need to know what the limit is if anyone knows!! Thank you in advance! Lisa,


  • Jon Ernst-OracleJon Ernst-Oracle CX Marketing Consulting Posts: 9 Employee

    Hi Lisa,

    You can definitely meet the 15 + location requirement.

    I'd advise that you don't get too crazy with tons of rules as it may become difficult to manage/admin.


  • lkmeyerslkmeyers Posts: 24 Blue Ribbon

    Hi Jon, Thankyou! I actually created picklists for any over 10.

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