What happens when I insert a contact in a MS campaign, if he's already in it?

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Ok, so say I have the following situation, see image. I send an invitation email to some event via a multistep campaign. After the email, contacts are kept on the canvas to check if they opened or responded (if not they get followup emails).

In the first email is a link to a landing page with a form. Submitting the form has a processing step that adds the contact to the same canvas, but in another step/path. In this case, the other path is intended to send event reminders closer to the event date.

My question: is it possible to do it like this? Will the form submit move the contact from the path on the left to the path on the right? Or will the insertion fail because the contact is already in this campaign?


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  • Bob at Elemental MarketingBob at Elemental Marketing Posts: 39 Silver Badge

    Hi John, thanks for your answer.

    My previous solution was to have a separate canvas for the follow-up. It didn't really create much issues in this particular case, but like you say, it's easier to have it all in one.

    I should probably have specified that in this case, the left flow is an invitation email, followed by two more emails over the course of two weeks, based on whether or not they've signed up yet, and whether or not they opened the previous invitation.

    I've actually thought of another, much simpler solution, which is a Form Submitted? - Evaluation that continuously evaluates for the duration between the invitation emails. That keeps them in the canvas, and once they submit the form and that's evaluated, they just move to the followup 'section' of the canvas. If they don't submit in the evaluation period, they'll receive the invitation reminder email.

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