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Be able to limit the number of mails sent/hour for company communications — oracle-topliners


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Be able to limit the number of mails sent/hour for company communications

user8886446user8886446 Posts: 2 Red Ribbon
edited October 2020 in Dream It

We are deploying ELOQUA for an internal communication use cases. So multiple mass mailing campaign could be sent in the same time. Our company is big ( more than 80K employees) and our mailbox system accept a maximum of mails per hour (20K) in order to guarantee the delivery of all the mail.

So we would like a function in ELOQUA to manage a maximum of mail sent per hour whatever the number of campaign launched.

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  • User_6C3CEUser_6C3CE Posts: 4 Gold Badge
    edited October 2020


    You could create a campaign canvas template (so you don't have to redo it every time) than use a "Compare Contact Field" rule to look at the last digit in the Eloqua contact ID, than use a wait step to control the volume, the attached screen shot should help explain.

  • user8886446user8886446 Posts: 2 Red Ribbon

    Many thanks for your advice.

    We will check it and see how introduce it in our template.

    Anyhow, the risk I want to cover is not at template level but at Environment level.

    I want a mechanism checking the number of mails sent per hour whatever the number of campaigns sent.

    It has to be seen in a mix governance (local/central) where there is not a global calendar of camapigns established yet.



  • User_6C3CEUser_6C3CE Posts: 4 Gold Badge

    @user8886446 I see what you're trying to do - to my knowledge there isn't a system setting that would allow for this functionality. You'll most likely have to create a custom program to manage this - as well as something on each campaign as well.

    Off the top of my head, you could use an account field to track number of active email sends by using a company update rule that would increment the account field by 1, every time a contact passed through, than every hour - have that field reset to 0 on a program. On a campaign level, you could use the compare account fields, to look for that amount, and when it's less than 'x' allow them to pass through, otherwise hold them. As a fail safe you can send errors from the email send back to the hour wait step.

    I'm sure I'm missing some details to actually get it to work, and haven't tested anything like this myself, just my 2 cents as to where you could start.

  • ppilottippilotti Posts: 5 Blue Ribbon

    Unless I'm misunderstanding your question, can't you simply set the email per hour throttle to 15 or 16k, (less than 20k so as not to block normal email traffic)?

    To figure out what will get you to 15 or 16k per hour divide your total distribution by 15k and round up.

    So if you have 80,000 contacts, then 80000/15000 = 5.333 Meaning if you set the throttle to 6hours, eloqua will send roughly 16,000 per hour over 6 hours to get to the total of 80k.

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