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Oracle Eloqua’s new Advanced Intelligence SKU leverages algorithms, data science and machine learning to help marketers achieve superior business results.

With powerful Advanced Intelligence features, marketers can make sense of the data at their fingertips and leverage it to create relevant, personalized journeys for every visitor, in the moment, and at scale.

Taking the cognitive load off of marketers, Eloqua automates the resource intensive processes required for personalization at scale, and frees up marketers to spend time on more strategic projects.

Eloqua's Advanced Intelligence features help marketers adapt the experiences they offer based on intelligence they gain from real-time individual behavioral data.

  • Increase email opens and customer engagement with their messages
  • Determine optimal levels of communication for each individual contact
  • Predict account propensity to buy and identify the stage of their journey
  • Automate the scoring of lead conversion potential at scale
  • Automate the calculation of which contacts to bring into their programs

What's Included:

Send Time Optimization (STO)

  • With STO an email campaign, an email is created but delivered to individual recipients at different times based on their optimal time which is measured using historical open data. (Compared to traditional email launches whereby Eloqua sends the email to the entire audience at the same time based on the schedule the marketer chooses). It's best suited to emails that are not time sensitive, such as newsletters, long term nurturing, etc.
  • Customers will be able to compare the performance of their emails by measuring open rate and clickthrough rate across their optimized and non-optimized sends, and also review the optimized send time/date for each contact via their contact record.

Account Intelligence

  • Leveraging a new Account Engagement Score (0-100) assigned to all accounts (the higher the score, the more engaged an account is), Eloqua's Account Performance Dashboard provides a single view of an account’s marketing activities. Using the last 90 days of activities, you can review:
    • engaged contacts vs reachable contacts
    • engagement score timeline
    • performant campaigns and marketing assets for the account
    • individual contact activities

Email Fatigue

  • Avoiding customer burnout and disengagement, you can identify how fatigued your customers are so you can change your message frequency to reduce disengagement and minimize opt-outs. Fatigue status is captured and placed within a new system contact field that makes this information available across Eloqua including for use throughout Segmentation, Orchestration, Personalization, Scoring, and Analytics.

Subject Line Optimization (SLO) - Controlled Availability

  • Monitoring the performance of all of your previous subject lines used, Eloqua predicts if your latest subject line will be above or below average and helps you optimize and improve email open rates. Eloqua's subject line optimization (SLO) will learns over time based factors that will affect open rate and highlights words that have been used that are correlated with higher or lower open rates so a marketer can adjust before an email is sent.

More features will be added in future releases!


We hosted a live webinar on Thursday, October 22nd to talk more about Advanced Intelligence.

In this webinar, we covered:

  1. The Marketer's Challenge
  2. Introducing Advanced Intelligence
  3. Demo
  4. Q&A

Did you miss it? No worries, just click the link below.



Please reach out to your account representative to learn more about the Advanced Intelligence SKU. You can also check out our brochure below.


1.    How do we estimate how long it should take for the model to be trained?

Existing customers with historic data will receive the full benefit of AI models immediately without a waiting period to accumulate data. For new customers, ideally the model should be trained with, at minimum, 3 months of data but ideally at least 6 months.

2.    Is multi-language supported for SLO?

SLO is language agnostic and supports ASCII and non-ASCII characters if enough data is present. Not all languages are guaranteed but testing indicates it supports a wide variety of languages.

3.    Is Account Engagement Score configurable?

No, the score is not configurable at this time.

4.    Is Account Intelligence available at Eloqua engage view?

Not currently, but we have plans to integrate with Sales Tools.

5.    Are there more descriptive definitions of each fatigue level beyond the display name (e.g. over saturated) to help customers understand further and make well-informed decisions?

There are 8 possible Fatigue Levels including Inactive, Undersaturated, Just Right, Saturated-low, Saturated-medium, Saturated-high, Oversaturated-low, Oversaturated-medium, Oversaturated-high where Saturated and Oversaturated contacts are at higher risk of disengagement and Undersaturated contacts show strong engagement and can receive more communication. 

6.    What determines the Fatigue level? Is that pre-set or does each client set that themselves?

Contact fatigue is calculated using a contact’s email open engagement compared to the number of emails they have received within a 6-month period. This fatigue level is auto-generated and added to a new view-only contact field for each contact. The fatigue level will be automatically updated every 2 weeks.

7.    Are we able to manage channels external to Eloqua? I.e. Direct Mail, WeChat, SMS (once launched), and still get value out of Advanced Intelligence capabilities? Or will it be exclusive for email so far?

STO, SLO, and Fatigue are specifically for email right now. Once SMS is natively available we can extend each of these to SMS.  Account Intelligence is not channel specific.

8.    Can the Intelligent Lead Scoring models also incorporate the account-based data from DataFox which is a real differentiator for Eloqua against the competition?

The first release we will not incorporate the DataFox information but it will be accounted for in future releases.

9.   Will these features work for B2C audiences in Eloqua?

Yes, all the capabilities work across both B2B and B2C use cases.

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