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Permissions restrictions (e.g. visibility) in Template Manager should also affect Template Chooser โ€” oracle-topliners


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Permissions restrictions (e.g. visibility) in Template Manager should also affect Template Chooser

katjal.katjal. Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

We have the problem, that we want to limit permissions to templates for Advanced Marketing Users in our instance. We tried to limit the permissions in the Template Manger (disabled ‘view’ for this group) and though this limitation by sure affects the visibility in the Template Chooser. But it does not – and Servicedesk Team asked us to post this wish here for future developments.

The problem is the same for Emails and Landingpages.

 The Template Manager is the place where the templates are edited by admins. Here is the only place where you can limit permissions.

The Template Chooser is where these templates are finally published to create new Emails (based on the templates) and the place where Advanced Users Marketing get in touch with it.

So in my opinion:


the permissions restriction in the Template Chooser must access/inherit the permissions restrictions granted in the Template Manager -


there must be installed a possibility in the Template Chooser to manage the permissions for the here published Templates directly in that place.

But I would prefer the first option ๐Ÿ˜Š

What do you think about this?

Would this also help you to administrate your templates?

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