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Advisory: 20D Release - Saturday, Nov 21st, 2020 / POD 3 & 4 / CONCLUDED

Shahriyar-Oracle Escalation OfficerPosts: 358 Employee
edited November 2020 in Eloqua System Status

The Eloqua 20D release will roll out on Saturday, November 21st, 2020, 3:00 AM to 12:00 PM UTC.

Please review the supporting resources available in the Release Resource Center. This includes Release Notes for E10 with information on:

Release Overview

What's New in This Release

Known Issues

Fixed Issues

Technical Notes and Limitations

Supported Environments


Troubleshooting and Technical Support

If you're not already an Eloqua Insiders, you'll need to request access to that group before you can access the Release Resource Center.

The application and the various associated services will be intermittently unavailable within the duration of the maintenance window. It is also important to note that Eloqua forms and landing pages may also be occasionally unavailable during the maintenance window. Your are advised to ensure your campaigns are adjusted accordingly.

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