Out of Office replies

Lori D
Lori D Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

We are just configuring Eloqua... In our old system, we get our out-of-office auto-replies. Most are just deleted, but we skim down through them and often find some information that we get into the CRM - like "this person is no longer with the company" or "our company changed names and beginning on some date, all of our email formats are changing..."

When I sent an email from Eloqua, I got ONE OOO reply. I normally get about 200.

Can anyone translate this response into something I can understand? Are they saying that I should no longer receive these? Is that best practice?

Where Out of Office responses are directed is determined by the recipients email service provider. Outlook will direct these responses to the From Address while other ESPs will use the Reply-to Email address. There is no way to change which email address an email application uses. We recommend that the Reply-to address be tied to a legitimate inbox in order to capture these responses, however any messages sent to a non existent inbox are not captured anywhere else in Eloqua.

Since your From and bounceback addresses currently share a domain, we recommend against using a legitimate inbox for your from address since the MX Record on the domain of the bounceback email address redirects all emails to Eloqua for reporting purposes all the replies will also be rerouted and the messages will not be able to be retrieved.