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Hi Everyone,

I’m creating a dashboard but want to do more customizing…. I want to move tiles around, be able to change the view that people see when they drill to the ‘view’ area etc. Are these things possible to do? I've tried looking at the training in the help Centre but doesn't cover such things. So I am assuming this isn't possible but since I'm a fairly new user I thought I'd check here.



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  • Hi Michelle,

    If you place your cursor on the top of any widget on the dashboard, you can then drag it to the desired position. You can also edit the dimensions and metrics included in the widgets, etc.



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    Hi Julie, @Julie Gillison-Oracle Thanks for the reply. I had been clicking everywhere on those tiles but seems I wasn't going to the very top. I was able to move the tiles around. Thanks!

    For the editing the view, I'm not sure how that is done. What I want to do is change the view details. When I select here from a tile on a dashboard:

    the info that pops up is only the sub region when it opens from the dashboard. I want to have it so when you go to the view it automatically opens this with another layer, for example, browser name. I know users can make changes here but I want to be able to have this particular dashboard drill to a different view that is defaulted so users already have the information they need in the view and they don't need to add dimensions themselves. Is this possible?

    Before: When you go to the view details you see this:

    After: I want it to show this as the default so users don't have to do this themselves. Of course they can add/remove dimensions themselves if they want but would like the 'standard' for my dashboard to show with another dimension layer.

  • Hi, Michelle,

    It's currently not possible to modify what is loaded when clicking the "View Details" link. The widget on the dashboard includes a dimension and metric and those items in the widget inform the report that loads when you click "View Details".

    We can review this and consider it for a future enhancement to the dashboards functionality.



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    @Julie Gillison-Oracle Hi Julie, Thanks for the update. Yes if this could be looked at for future that would be great.

    Another one I have is to be able to have users click on a region, for example 'EMEA" and then have the rest of the dashboard filter. Maybe that is a big ask but this would make the users able to easily see what they need. I feel there are two types of users in infinity, those that create reports and understand the backend data and those who want to come in, look at a report or dashboard, get their insights they need and go on their merry way. They wouldn't have to understand how to create a segment to be able to filter with the various dimensions, etc for what they need but be able to click on items on the dashboard to filter. This would be wonderful.

    Currently I'd need to create an AP dashboard, an EMEA dashboard, etc etc. so users can find more easily their info. Maybe having two types of users wasn't the intention of the infinity reporting but I see this as a missing function in the analytics.