Salesforce Integration App - Improved Error reporting and troubleshoting

RobertoF Posts: 7 Red Ribbon

With the native SFDC integration, we were able to easily drill down into the External Call Error reports and view each error and the email address of the Contact. We could then export the report and troubleshoot by doing a list upload or retry the call directly from the error report.

With the new app, there's no way to export a report for a specific Action in a similar format that could be easily used to troubleshoot. The best we can do now is export a JSON file with the errors, which forces us to somehow parse the file or search for each contact and manually fix the error.

It would be great to have the ability to export a report with at least 2 columns: Contact's email address and error message.

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Thank you for submitting your idea. We are very interested in your thoughts on any features you want to see in our product. The product team has considered the idea, and will be included in the future roadmap. Please keep an eye on our Eloqua Release Center for updates on when this might be available: https://community.oracle.com/topliners/discussion/4470014/oracle-eloqua-release-center. Again, we thank you for your time and welcome any suggestions.


  • Gary Aspinall
    Gary Aspinall Edinburgh, UKPosts: 14 Bronze Medal

    I was thinking about this 2 days ago when exporting 3 months worth of external call errors, it'll be a nightmare to do this in the app. Also we need to do it 1 day at a time. The Status and Reporting page should allow us to select a time frame and have the breakdown Roberto is talking about.

  • Ken Lague
    Ken Lague Posts: 30 Bronze Medal

    Hopefully Oracle is watching this important thread. The native Integration "Status" page allowed us to

    (1) filter external call success and failures by time (Last X Hours, Last X Days, etc.), and

    (2) drill into specific errors to see which records were impacted.

    Without carrying over these capabilities to the new app, and extending error reporting to all actions including Marketing Activities, it remains next to impossible to remedy certain errors.

  • Jonny L
    Jonny L Posts: 6 Red Ribbon

    Heavily needed and reliant on this current app functionality, and hoping it can be implemented and improved with the new app. Without it, our reputation on resolving business critical issues using Eloqua will be greatly impacted.

    Improvements also greatly needed:

    Reporting - can the error log be sent/accessed externally. We would benefit greatly from sending email notifications and/or providing a daily report on errors.

    Filtering - along with reporting, ability to filter error log reports and notifications based on other contact/asset data (for example, errors from specific forms, landing pages, contacts with a field value of "xyz").

    Filtering - ability to filter back further than 3 months (or be stored and reported in Insights)?

    Interaction - ability to click on a contact record, and fix the error on the screen, save, and then re-run the external call.

    External calls - ability to trigger related external calls. E.g. if a call fails for a lead, it also fails for the campaign relationship. If I fix the lead error and re-run the call, the campaign relationship call should also run automatically vs. me having to re-run that call too.

    Fields - ability to show a specific object/field that produced the error. Sometimes errors are misleading and cannot determine if the cause of the error was a field, value, system timeout, etc.

  • Kimberly Decker
    Kimberly Decker Posts: 4 Red Ribbon

    I also want to vote for this functionality and hope that it is on the roadmap!

  • CamM
    CamM Posts: 11 Red Ribbon

    Agreed - this would be a very useful addition.