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Multiple Account Tables for Multiple CRM Support

Kristine Lubeck-Oracle
Kristine Lubeck-Oracle Posts: 35 Employee

In order to support multiple CRM integrations fully we need to have the ability to have multiple account tables (like CDOs) each with their own key and own linkage to contact table. If a customer has 3 CRMs they would like to be able to bring in the account information for each CRM into an account table and link it to the contacts like they could with a CDO. In segmentation they could specifiy which account object just like you do with a CDO.

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  • Stephanie Safi
    Stephanie Safi Posts: 8 Red Ribbon

    @Kristine Lubeck-Oracle , thank you for submitting this. We have multiple CRMs integrated with one Eloqua installation. This feature will enable us to personalize, segment, and report at the Account vs. Contact. It is more important than ever to be able to market by account attributes vs. contact attributes.

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