Salesforce Integration App - Ability to Limit/Filter Creation of Marketing Activities

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When exporting Marketing Activities into a Salesforce instance, records are created for all Marketing Activities regardless of whether or not there is a matching Contact/Lead record existing within that CRM instance. This results in the creation of redundant records in Salesforce.

It would be great to have a mechanism within the Salesforce Integration App that allows you to limit/filter the creation of Marketing Activities records in a Salesforce instance based on whether or not there is a matching Lead/Contact Record Id.

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Successfully delivered with Eloqua 21A release.


  • Malcolm Aldridge
    Malcolm Aldridge AustraliaPosts: 24 Red Ribbon

    Good call @CamM

    I have seen the same thing, we now have thousands of orphan tasks in Salesforce that have been created by the Marketing Activity but not linked to a Lead or Contact.

    Our Salesforce team are not happy as they now need to put a process in place to clean these up.

    It would be create if there was a way in the app integration to filter out or limit say any Eloqua record that doesn't have a salesforce lead or contact ID or something like that.

  • CamM
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    I can completely empathise with your situation @Malcolm Aldridge as we're in the same boat. It's bad enough when you've connected a single Saleforce instance to the Salesforce.com Integration App, let alone when you've connected multiple Salesforce instances!

  • Nathan Nemirovski-Oracle
    Nathan Nemirovski-Oracle Product Manager Posts: 62 Employee

    Hello @CamM,

    Marketing Activities filters were added back in Feb 2021 (21A release). Please let me know if there are any related questions.

    Thank you,