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Editable "Quick Links" section for external Sources on "My Eloqua" page

Spyridon Settos
Spyridon Settos Posts: 2 Green Ribbon
edited Feb 17, 2021 2:51PM in Dream It

Short Description

As a Marketer/Eloqua User,

I want to have all relevant tool as well as my company specific project information by hand,

so I don´t waste time searching for the right project documentation, while working on my tasks in Eloqua.

Detailed Description

For the sake of the UI, acceptance and change management in regards to the Eloqua rollout it would be handy to have the possibility to save and share external sources/urls, which are related to the project´s work of the Eloqua user. Therefore he/she could have on the "My Eloqua" page all necessary project related information and would be able to quickly find it, if needed.

Also for the rollout managers and the system admins of a company it would be a nice feature to just keep the Eloqua users up-to-date, if new information are needed to be shared and visible.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Creation of new editable section on "My Eloqua" page
  • "Quicklinks" section headline is editable
  • External URLs can be inserted and edited in mentioned section
  • URLs can be named for specific needs/purposes (e.g. "Project Timeline", "Content Plan", etc.)
  • Further information can be inserted for second row, shown in light grey (e.g. Company XYZ SharePoint)
  • When clicking on one of the URLs a new tab is opening with expected page

Basic Idea / Scribble:

Editable "Quick Links" Section on Eloqua Overview Page

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