email not sent/received using Email Deployment API

Hi Eloqua API team,

I am testing Eloqua Email Deployment API to send email to one contact using :

POST api/rest/2.0/assets/email/deployment endpoint.

I received success status but the current status of the deployment remains in "Draft" stage forever.

Also I never receive the email from the deployment.

When doing a GET api/rest/2.0/assets/email/deployment/{id} I got the following: (just partial output).

Can you advise if I have done anything wrong here. I don't see any following up API calls are required to complete the deployment in the doc... thanks,

Wayne Chan


"type": "EmailTestDeployment",

"currentStatus": "normal",

"id": "2",

"depth": "complete",

"name": "OIT DAM Single EmailDeployment Test",

"permissions": [







"email": {

"type": "Email",

"currentStatus": "Draft", <============ Deployment status in "Draft" for ever

"id": "58",

"createdAt": "1613603100",

"createdBy": "9",

"depth": "complete",

"folderId": "42",

"name": "Email Deployment test mail",

"permissions": [






"updatedAt": "1613603187",

"updatedBy": "9",

"archived": "false",

"bounceBackEmail": "[email protected]",

"contentSections": [],

"dynamicContents": [],

"emailFooterId": "1",

"emailGroupId": "4",

"emailHeaderId": "1",

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