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Segment Filter Criteria - Dynamic Date Comparison with Timezone

CamM Posts: 11 Bronze Badge

When building segments and filter criteria, often we want to use dynamic date filters, e.g.

The problem is that the dynamic date comparisons are based on US Eastern Time only. This is problematic for customers in other timezones (e.g. APAC customers) where there is up to an 18 hour time difference compared to EST.

To better explain, consider a New Zealand example, where NZ is currently observing Daylight Saving Time -:

A segment filter configured to include NZ contacts with a Date field value that is dynamically equal to Today, will not correctly evaluate until 6pm NZ time. Evaluating the segment at any time prior to this will exclude all target contacts as - according to EST, at least - the current date is not "today" and is in fact "yesterday".

This makes it incredibly difficult to build effective, timezone-relevant segments leveraging dynamic date filters.

Ideally, we would be able to specify a timezone to be used for dynamically evaluating dates in segment filters, e.g.

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