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Infinity GTM Integration

Shenea Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon

We're implementing Infinity Streams according to the GTM documentation provided to us by Oracle, and we're seeing an issue where the Infinity script tag isn't adding the ready event (ora.ready) to the dataLayer, so the subsequent page load event tag that should fire with every page view is never triggered.

We have the ReadyEvent and Tag Management System plugins enabled for the tag in Infinity. We are just using the standard variable name "dataLayer" and when we configure the tags to fire in sequence they work part of the time, but usually the script hasn't finished loading before the page load event tag tries to fire, so the "ora" object required for the ora.view() method hasn't been instantiated yet. Our add to cart event tag also works fine as the script tag has always had time to load in that scenario and isn't tied to the trigger based on the ora.ready event. So we know our implementation is working apart from the ready event - has anyone else run into this issue and found a solution?