Details of Hard bouncebacks/Invalid Email Address

KP Rangaprasad
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Scenario 1 : When we delete a Hard bouncebacked (HBB) /Invalid email address (IEA) contact and when we restore/create it, Contact gets restored as Invalid email address in Eloqua as Eloqua rightly remembers that it was an invalid email address during deletion. But when we restore it after years or months or by another person, Its quite natural that we get puzzled why this contact is marked as HBB/IEA.

Scenario 2 : When we manually upload contacts and mark contacts as Hard bouncebacks before the existence of contacts in Eloqua, Eloqua remembers it and when the contact gets created, It gets marked as HBB. But there are no logs or any other details present with respect to this.

As there are no details on when and who marked these contacts as HBB, When the contact gets created/re-created or restored, it leaves us puzzled. So, I would like to place a dream IT request for this. We would need a new feature where we would be able to see when the contact was marked as Hard bounceback and who did it (Like it was done manually or if it was done by system).

Kindly introduce this feature at the earliest.

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