Simplify Linkedin form integration

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Business Use Case:

We are having to create separate forms in LinkedIn for EACH ad in order to pass the ad id to salesforce. This can become a problem when we have a large number of ads and have to create many different forms for each of the different ads. Ideally we would like to only create 1 form for the campaign and have the different ad id’s pass through to Eloqua through that 1 form. This will help us minimize the number of forms we create and get the ad/creative ID passed to salesforce with each submission. We would then be able to report on MQLs and Opportunity dollars from each ad.

Here is the brief description of how this feature is expected to work:

• Linkedin doesn’t pass ID's but it does pass URN values

• Eloqua does not pull in any meta data (ID's, urns, etc). Since Eloqua doesn't pull in those values, there's nothing to pass over to SFDC

• We need Eloqua to pull in the URN values to pass to SFDC

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