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How does the AMS Function 'Close' work?


I have been able to configure majority of the Ams to talk to my application and Responsys, however I am not understanding what the close feature is. Is this to close out the iframe within the application config or something else? What is written in the amsAction for AMS to take effect?



  • The purpose for the Action 'close' is to close the product window when user takes some action in the App iframe e.g. save, close etc., so that the user doesn't have to close the product windows manually leading to better UX.

    However, this feature is currently not available for the 'Programs' in Responsys, but you can find this in Campaigns (for a different service type).

  • Joey K
    Joey K Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
    edited Apr 26, 2021 3:56PM

    In the context of Responsys application configuration, when presenting the end user an app config view with a close button - Can you provide a sample of what the postMessage to AMS would look like?