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Last Modified/ Last Created option for Signature Rules in 1:n CDOs

Cyrielle Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited Apr 23, 2021 10:39AM in Dream It


My dream is to be able to choose the Last Modified/ Last Created/ First Created CDO Record when using Signatures Rules with a Key Field that is a CDO field. This is important when the CDO is setup so that one contact can have more than 1 record.

Currently, the Signature Rule setup is to always choose the First Created record.

According to Oracle Support :

"The exact behaviour for Signature Rules is:

- Order CDO records by Date Created in Ascending order.

- Pick the first record in the ordered list.

Therefore it will always pick the first created CDO record, not the last created. Unfortunately there is no any resolution or workaround to reach the goal."

If we can choose Last Modified/ Last Created/ First Created on the Signature Rule like we do with Field Merges, that'd be great.

Better yet, as this other idea was posted in the dream it, use Field Merges direclty within the Email setup rather than the tedious Signature Rules setup:

Thanks for the upvote !

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