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Eloqua and CRMOD Lead integration

A CRMOD customer has Leads created by the Eloqua which are then automatically assigned to a specific person and this person then assigns the leads accordingly.

The issue is that users in the UK office are not receiving the email assignment notifications that are supposed to fire when these are manually assigned. Since no notifications are received, UK users check a specified lead list which for them defaults to the 'EMEA' book. When the book selector is set to 'EMEA', UK users are not able to see the leads that begin with AFYA.

It was discovered that if the book selector is set to 'ALL' that the leads are visible. However, users in the UK are restricted to the EMEA book.

Lead Assignment Process:

1.The Eloqua system creates the Lead and this is assigned to a primary designated user, who then assigns the leads accordingly

2.The designated person updates the lead record as needed ( Description field and manually updates Associated Contact and Associated Account)

3. Changes Sales Owner

4. Clicks 'Marked as Qualified' which does the following:

-Sends the new Sales Owner an email informing them that they have a new Lead assigned

-Creates a CRM Task record

-Changes Lead status to 'Qualified'

5. The users can then work on their leads from the assignment email received and pull up their Leads using a Lead list.

The question is; Is the issue as described an Eloqua integration issue or a CRMOD issue? This integration has been in place for over a month and it has never worked. I'm in the process do trying to obtain additional information from the customer if tests were done before deployment and what parameters if any are used for the integration. Is user access a factor for such integration?