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Email format

AbbyK Posts: 7 Red Ribbon
edited May 3, 2021 4:48PM in Developer Tools

Every time I create emails, there seems to be a 'phantom' space that Eloqua keeps creating. Most of the time, Eloqua creates an extra space between a link and full stop (period). It doesn't happen throughout the whole email, only in some spots. I try to re-link the URL and don't do anything different from the rest of the emails. The kicker is that it looks normal on the Eloqua canvas, but the moment you hit send or do a test email, the spaces will appear. I've tested this in gmail, outlook, yahoo, and the phantom space appears.

It also appeared when I bolded some text. I have no idea why this happens. It happens randomly, and good thing we always send a test email first because it's the only time you can catch it.

Has this happen to anyone else? Can Eloqua please fix this issue? It's been on-going since 2018 when my team first launched Eloqua. I've raised this issue on community topliners before but didn't get any solution.


  • Jenn Clauss
    Jenn Clauss Posts: 14 Red Ribbon

    Hi Abby, I'm not sure if your team is still having this issue, but my team has also encountered it in the past, starting around 2018. I don't recall it happening recently. One of the workarounds we used that fixed it was including the period in the link text. It's not ideal, but it is a quick fix if you're in a bind.