User Report - SSO Enabled Eloqua

We do not have a report that will tell us which users must use SSO vs those that do not.

The only option we have: is to download all users and then manually checks using ctrl f.

This option is time consuming from a security standpoint.

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The idea is under consideration by Oracle


  • User_YZHGG
    User_YZHGG Posts: 24 Green Ribbon

    Hi - what download can I put which tells me which is SSO - when I download user report there is no field which signifies if they're SSO or not - there's only the below...

    UserName DisplayName FirstName LastName JobTitle EmailAddress CompanyDisplayName CompanyURL Phone SenderDisplayName EmailSenderAddress ReplyToAddress Department CellPhone Fax PersonalURL PersonalMessage Address1 Address2 City State Country Zip TimeZone CRMUsername OracleSalesCloudUserId SFDCUserId MSDynamicsUserId SiebelOnDemandUserId UserMustChangePassword PasswordExpires UserEnabled SecurityGroup LastLogin