Email open and clickthrough count without Anti-virus/firewall's opens and clickthrough's

When email is sent from Eloqua, Email opens and clickthrough's are captured in Email and contact level in Eloqua.

Recently, I witnessed an issue where it was seen that number of users(Around 50 from same company) who clicked 10-15 links in an email within 1-3 minutes of timespan. Also, These activities were witnessed within 10 minutes of Email delivery to the user.

As this is unusual and 50 users cannot open all the links in an email within 10 minutes of email delivery, We reached out to Oracle support and they said it might be because of the recipient/recipient company's firewall/anti-virus.

Though this is understandable, We will not be able to find out the actual human email opens and email clicks for this email. When we are not able to find out the actual human email opens and clicks, Follow up mails, accuracy of targeting/nurturing will get affected. Assuming that they are human clicks and open, We will try to engage them and all our efforts will go futile as these are firewall's activities. This in a way defeats the purpose of sending emails from Eloqua as this will affect Lead scoring, Sender score etc.

In future, We might see many organizations which will use such firewall systems to protect them. Hence, Its important for Eloqua to find out the actual human clicks and human email opens. It would be great if Eloqua can find out a way to mark and highlight the human opens and clicks from the firewall open and clicks.

Such a feature would be highly beneficial to clients and users like us. Also, It will put Eloqua ahead of other marketing automation tools in the industry. Hence, Requesting Oracle to introduce this feature at the earliest in Eloqua.