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Dynamic Content + Segmentation + Campaign Question

amarsh422 Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

This could be complicated, so I apologize in advance. I have 10 products that I am basing a campaign on. I have two emails in the campaign. The email is full of dynamic content based on a custom data object. If the contact visited a specific webpage for a product and didn't purchase the product, they should get the email and the dynamic content served up would be for the product they didn't purchase. The problem is my custom data object xls has all 10 products on it and doesn't specify which website the contact visited. So the rules in my dynamic content would apply to every product and every person. Is there a workaround in Eloqua somewhere that I can specify the websites and then serve up the dynamic content?

Example: Contact visited website for Product A. He didn't purchase Product A. He also didn't purchase Products B-D. The dynamic content is looking for no purchase on products A-D. The CDO only gives purchase info on products A-D. In this scenario, there is no telling what dynamic content he will get served up. It appears I need to base the content or the email on the website, but not sure if this is even possible.

I know this is a long shot, but I appreciate any help.



  • jessenobbe
    jessenobbe Posts: 27 Bronze Badge

    Are you able to import the purchase date into a custom object? Are you saying they didn't purchase anything at all? Or, are you saying they purchased some other product, call it product E?

    What would be the ideal outcome for you? Say for instance someone visited all of the product pages and did not make a purchase, what would you like to serve them? Something about the first visited page, last visited page, or all of the pages?