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Salesforce Integration App - Allow additional Update Eloqua Fields options

Alex Halvachs
Alex Halvachs Posts: 5 Red Ribbon

It would be extremely beneficial if within Actions, there was a way to add additional field mappings to the "Update Eloqua fields" section.

Specifically, it would be useful for Eloqua to not only capture the Lead ID when Creating a Lead but have a method to allow for data that is inherent to the Action occurring such as a Created Date/Time (or at least Created Date if a Dynamic Date were to be used) so that it is known within Eloqua at the same time the Lead ID is retrieved during the call.

For example, when a Create Lead action is triggered, the Action today can only pull back the Lead ID value. My company and I am sure others, have a need to know the Created Date/Time when this happens, in real time. Today, we have to wait for our Get Leads Import to run (set for every 15 minutes) before we get this value back. This complicates our Point of Interest Program Canvas that creates Leads in Salesforce if a new Contact fills out multiple forms that are candidates for the program before the Get Leads import has a chance to run. It creates duplicates and requires unnecessarily canvas steps to work around this.

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