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How do you handle Eloquas issues with reporting of false click-throughs?

Matt Dowis
Matt Dowis Posts: 11 Blue Ribbon

We've run into an issue where we are getting false click-through reports from email recipients due to their network security settings. How are you handling/verifying that a click-through is indeed a click and not the recipients network verifying the link?

Forgive me if this is the wrong category. Topliners only allowed me to select this one or CX Marketing Events.



  • Allan A
    Allan A Posts: 9 Gold Badge

    What I do is put a 1x1 pixel image as the first link in the email, then monitor those domains that "click" that link, or people who have an amount of clicks equal to the amount of links in the email and exclude them from analytics, unless if they have 2+ opens. I use a segment/contact field/program to monitor this daily.