Is there an output limit to Responsys RPL Data Directive?

I am pulling SQL data into an email campaign via the <#data> directive. I have the SQL as a Data Source and when the results are displayed, it stops at 500 rows. I understand we shouldn't put like 1,000 rows in an email, but in some cases, I have a result set of 515, but it gets truncated. This is for a daily report, so I'd rather not export the data to a file, grab the file, put into Excel, etc. when I know just by running the SQL that the results are all there.

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    Please check here: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/marketing/responsys-develop/RPL/DirectiveReference.htm?Highlight=limit%20rpl


    It can be:


    Limits the number of records returned from the execution of the expression. If the limit is greater than the existing number of records, it is ignored. The numeric expression is any expression that returns a number, including any numeric constants. Non-integer numbers get rounded off.

    IMPORTANT: An account has a maximum allowable number of rows (default is 20); providing a limit bigger than that number produces an error.

    I would understand in your case would be something like:

    <#data table as records limit=1000>

    But you would still need to confirm if this account has a lower limit. (This default limit can be configured by the account administrator.)