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Responsys does not call Invoke URL

Hello community,

I'm creating an application, I followed all the steps in the documentation, but when requesting the service invocation, when I test the application's execution, Responsys returns an error in the step, and doesn't send the request to the invocation endpoint .

This happens in an app that is in the development stage for Responsys, and it also happens in an app that is in production like a CA.

When I test sending via AMS, I get the request on my endpoint. In Responsys, when the program runs, I don't get any error response from the endpoint, it's as if Responsys simply didn't send the request to my endpoint.

In the program I get an error warning when I try to call the step, however I don't get any kind of response from the request, nor 401, 404, 500 or any other, I just don't get any calls.

Also, when I look in the AMS logs, I see that there isn't a single invocation record,

Has anyone been through a similar situation, can you tell me what could be happening?

thank you very much