Access Eloqua Insight reports through RESTAPI

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Eloqua has a wealth of data available for reporting under 'Insights' section. There are various subject areas available for generating custom reports. But unfortunately, there are no API's available to extract these data points or reports from Eloqua.

Below are few important insight attributes for which having API's would be really useful:

1) "City Name" under 'Top Locations by City' report.

2) "Country Name" & "State" under 'Top Locations by Country' report.

3) "Brand Name", "Model Name", "Device Category", "OS", "Browser" under 'Email Open by Mobile Device' report.

4) "Latitude", "Longitude" under 'Web Visit Analysis' report.

5) "SPAM Unsubscribe Email Address", "SPAM Unsubscribe Email Subject Line" , "SPAM Unsubscribe Date/Time" under 'Spam Unsubscribe' report.

Having API's for these are generic attributes would help customers across industries to export data from Eloqua in an automated manner.

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