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Here's the thing, we need to normalize more than 400 segments we have so we can cleanup the data and reduce those 400 to 10. Today I don't have a report in OBIEE where it can show every email inside a segment with the filters applied.

So the only shot I had:

Bring all those segments to a campaign and connect them all to a shared list so I can have that full number updated.

This take almost 2 hours to be build. The above picture is only the first 100 segments.

I've tried the API, but don't bring the segment updated numbers from the way it was designed.

We have to execute this for 5 different countries in our instance.

When we are executing that flow, it's so many connections that it's harder to check in the end what was missing connection or not because all of them are crossing.

This brings 2 ideas the first one would be the option to automatically arrange and organize the steps in a few positions:

Adjust by lines:

others like, folder structure, by name A-Z, Z-A...

The second idea, the main focus of this is to execute this externally:

Don't know about you but the current OBIEE and dashboard it's useless. The idea it's to simplify, the user search for the name using filtering option:

  • Search by name;
  • Filter by date (maybe only want to merge the segments created in 2021,2018)
  • Created by specific user

Actual bad points:

  • When using a great amount of segments inside a campaign saving the campaign takes minutes;
  • The process is all manual adding segment by segment, also takes minutes;
  • The overall flow organisation is awfully, extremely hard with all the crossing items to find the ones are missing connection.

Positive points:

  • Having an external approach will make easier the cleanup and maintenance;
  • Reduction of assets in the platform;
  • Fewer assets, less performance to cross the information;

That's it thanks folks, please vote!

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